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Apex Legends players have taken to Reddit to express their frustrations with the changes to the Ring brought in by Season 14.

Season 14 of Apex Legends released last week (August 9), adding in a new character called Vantage, and making substantial updates to the Kings Canyon map. There were also changes to the Ring, which closes in at the start of each game, doing damage to those who are unlucky enough to find themselves outside its walls.

The main change to the Ring is in the pre-shrink time. This essentially the time before the first ring starts to close in. Players on Reddit (via PCGamesN) have pointed to this change, saying that it makes the early game far too rushed.

I have been fighting the storm more than I have been fighting actual players. from apexlegends

In addition to the reduced pre-shrink time, the first Ring now does more damage. It’s gone from 2HP per 1.5 seconds to 3HP per 1.5 seconds. When combined with the smaller window of early game where players aren’t being pushed in by the Ring, it’s easy to see how things might get a little bit intense.

Not every Ring change has been received poorly however, as the first closing time for the Ring has been increased across all maps. This means that players will have more time to get into position for the second Ring closing in.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Respawn has yet to address the community’s concerns with the new Ring-closing changes introduced in Season 14. Given that it only just launched, there’s still room for the studio to follow up with changes.

Season 14 introduced a whole suite of new updates to Apex Legends. First off, a new Legend called Vantage was added. She has a sniper rifle capable of tagging enemies for further damage. Kings Canyon finally got an overhaul, with updated visuals, points of interest and more.

You can read the full Apex Legends Season 14 patch notes here.

In other gaming news, Marvel’s Spider-Man has achieved Sony’s second-biggest PC launch.

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