Bloodborne rumours

The rumours surrounding a Bloodborne PC and PS5 remaster might have been debunked.

This comes from a new Twitter post by Lance McDonald, known for his Bloodborne 60FPS mod, in response to the original rumour from last year. A known Twitter leaker is now claiming the game is “still coming”.

Lance said he debunked the rumour nearly a year ago, explaining he spoke to developers at a number of studios rumoured to be working on it, and since then has decided to stop looking into the Bloodborne PC rumours.

McDonald went on to say that enough time has passed that he did not know what going on with Bloodborne and had no relevant information about it.

He also added that last year, he found the original source of the rumours that were being privately shared between “insiders,” and found that “they were 100% fake.”

At the end of the Twitter thread, McDonald added: “As I said at the time, I can’t prove if Bloodborne is, was, or ever will be coming to PC.

“But I can prove when individual people are lying and individual leaks are fake.”

According to the original rumour, the Bloodborne remaster is apparently being developed by Bluepoint Games and will feature better textures and models, better loading times and will run at 60FPS at 4K resolution with ultra-wide support.

Lance McDonald also recently discovered a new cheat code for NieR: Automata, almost four year after its initial release.

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