Hollowbody. Credit: Headware Games.

Headware Games has shared some early gameplay from Hollowbody, the studio’s upcoming “tech-noir” survival horror set in Britain.

The fresh look at Hollowbody was revealed today (March 31) and follows protagonist Mica after she crash-lands in an abandoned British city.

As it’s a horror game, it’s not long before her attempts to explore go awry — after finding a claw hammer and revolver, Mica is soon set upon by the city’s unsettling residents.

The game will look familiar to fans of the early Silent Hill titles, as the survival horror series helped to inspire Headware Games’ upcoming title.

You can check out the gameplay video below.

“I’m excited to share today a short glimpse into the world of Hollowbody, showcasing some of the exploration and narrative focussed gameplay along with a brief look at the game’s combat,” said Nathan Hamley, founder of Headware Games.

“I’m pushing myself to create a truly unique, atmospheric experience that leads players into the unknown with a mysterious story begging to be unraveled.”

Last year, Hamley sat down with NME to discuss why he felt it was important to create a game that captured Silent Hill‘s atmosphere, and why he modelled Hollowbody‘s city after his hometown of Bristol.

Hollowbody. Credit: Headware Games.
Hollowbody. Credit: Headware Games.

“I find horror that experiments with familiar settings or themes to be the most effective,” explained Hamley.

“There are many narrative reasons I wanted to frame this game in a near-future setting, but to hit home with the horror elements I wanted to be able to ground it in something familiar,” he added, pointing to the game’s Bristolian setting.

“You can call it a metaphor for post-Brexit Britain if you like,” he added. “It wouldn’t be far off.”

Hollowbody is expected to launch in early 2024, and will be available on PC.

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