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Singer Caroline Polachek has released an instrumental version of her 2019 solo album, ‘Pang’.

Released on April 11, the album has been made available for purchase via the ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’ singer’s Bandcamp.

Polachek said in the description accompanying the album that this instrumental version would be “for your karaoke pleasure”. When ‘Pang’ was released last October, Polachek said, “‘Pang’ is for the romantics, for those searching/finding/falling/flying.

“Panging is a verb; a secret twisting between your lungs that resists all logic. If you know, you know.”

Polachek revealed back in March that she was concerned she had contracted the novel virus, taking to her Instagram to update her fans on symptoms associated with the illness.

In a guest appearance on Charli XCX’s Apple Music show ‘The Candy Shop’, Polachek shared she felt she likely contracted the virus before testing was available. “This is something that people you know have, it is going to start affecting people’s real lives,” she said. “By now we’ve adjusted to that idea, but a month ago it felt really like, whoa. What?”

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