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Christine and the Queens was on tour nonstop last year, but it looks like she had time to write something new in the midst of those dates. Héloïse Letissier, the songwriting powerhouse behind moniker, has just shared a new song called “People, I’ve been sad” — and it’s the exact type of electro-pop heartache you’d want from the French act.

“People, I’ve been sad” is a standalone single, but it came from the same period that birthed Chris, her sophomore album and one of the best albums of 2018. A press release describes the track as the result of 18 months’ worth of live shows, which, considering Christine and the Queens was one of the top live acts of 2018, says a lot. Basically, it’s a a song to dance to even when you feel exhausted.

Musically, “People I’ve been sad” sees Letissier reflecting on loneliness, a fear of missing out, and what it’s like to get lost in another person without intending to. She takes turns singing in English and French, which makes for an exciting turn partway through.

While the song doesn’t come with a music video per say, it does arrive with an exclusive live performance on COLORS. In the clip, Christine and the Queens brings the music to life, belting her heart out while still giving off the feeling of one-on-one intimacy, as if you’re there in the room with her as she sings. See for yourself by watching the clip below.

Christine and the Queens return with new song “People, I’ve been sad”: Stream
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