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Classic episodes of The Simpsons will be streamed on Disney+ in their original aspect ratio as of next week.

It comes after fans of The Simpsons were angered last year upon the launch of the new streaming service, which saw some of the show’s most iconic moments cropped out when stretched from the original 4:3 aspect ratio to a widescreen 16:9.

Last month, Disney confirmed that it was working on making new versions of Simpsons episodes available to stream, and the streaming service’s Simpsons showrunner Al Jean has now confirmed that a first batch of episodes of the iconic sitcom will be available on Disney+ in 4:3 from next week (May 26).

“As always you have been heard,” he said to fans upset by the alterations made to episodes when Disney+ first launched.

After Disney+ launched in the UK back in March, British fans of the show aired similar concerns to US users who encountered the aspect ratio issues late last year, deeming the new versions “unwatchable”.

One UK Simpsons fan tweeted: “I know it’s a quarantine and I have lots of time to spend, but I refuse to watch The Simpsons in the wrong aspect ratio. I must exercise self care in these trying times.”

In other Simpsons news, the show shared a new quarantine-themed version of its iconic opening sofa joke last month.

The opening sequence of a new episode saw each member of the famous animated family heading through a VR journey with a Virtual Reality headset while at home in lockdown.

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