CLC member and soloist Sorn has opened up about the creative decision that have gone into her upcoming debut EP.

The singer recently uploaded a video onto her YouTube channel discussing her new single ‘Not A Friend’, which she released earlier this month. In the new clip, Sorn shared some of the inspirations behind the track as well as the “early-2000s” theme of her upcoming EP.

“I told my producer that this year I really wanted to focus on a more grown-up concept,” she said of the new single. “That will be the whole theme for [my] EP that we’re trying so hard to complete so we can release it mid this year.”

“We were talking about how we wanted to be more mature with our music, and I decided that I also wanted the concept of my songs to be like, early 2000s vibe, Y2K fashion, but my own adaptation of what the Y2K fashion and sound is to me,” shared Sorn.

The singer added that she decided to express a more vulnerable side to herself on ‘Not A Friend’, which was inspired by her experiences with “toxic friendships”.

“I thought that this song would be super relatable because growing up… there are people who come in and out of your life because they want something from you,” Sorn explained.

Sorn continued to share that she wanted ‘Not A Friend’ to be a dance song for fans of her K-pop group CLC despite being more of a “ballad, slow song person”.

Meanwhile, Sorn previously clarified that CLC have not disbanded, despite most of the members having left long0time agency CUBE Entertainment.

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