Dave Keuning has revealed that the songs on his upcoming new solo album were offered to The Killers first.

Earlier today (April 22), the band’s guitarist announced new LP ‘A Mild Case Of Everything’, as well as sharing new track ‘Ends Of The Earth’.

The self-titled second LP from Keuning is set to arrive on June 25 and features a selection of tracks that he had initially written as potential offerings for the band.

“Quite a few of these songs were shown to the Killers and, for whatever reason, not used,” he told Rolling Stone. “And so I used them. I just didn’t want to hold onto some of them any longer because I’m not getting any younger. I wanted to finish them.”

Keuning recorded the 16-track album at his San Diego home studio and explained that it draws inspiration from ’80s acts like Depeche Mode and the Cars, and includes more guitar than his first record, 2019’s ‘Prismism’.

“Some people commented that they wanted more guitar on my first record,” he said. “I was like, ‘Alright. I’m happy to do that.’ I’m certainly not trying to follow any trends. And this is my chance to play as much guitar as I want.”

He added that he was a little more confident this time around with his vocals. “I’ve never been super confident with my vocals,” he explained. “I’m pretty shy. But I was a little more confident this time around, just having done it once and kind of knowing how my voice sounds. I guess I just had fun with it a little and worried a little less.”

Meanwhile, The Killers recently confirmed they have finished work on their new album, with the follow-up to 2020’s acclaimed ‘Imploding The Mirage’ “coming this year”.

“I mean it’s finished, yeah. We’re basically in the mastering phase,” said frontman Brandon Flowers. “It will come out this year.

“We were hoping for an early summer release, but the vinyl manufacturing companies are all inundated with the artists who held their albums back because of COVID. Now they’re all trying to get their albums out and are making this push. We want to release everything simultaneously, so we’re running into a wall.”

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