Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has received her first COVID-19 vaccine, and urged fans to follow suit.

Sharing a post-jab photo of herself on Instagram, Lovato explained that she would rather risk the side effects of the virus than potentially fall ill.

“Getting the vaccine came down to one thought process for me, I simply would rather risk potential side effects of a vaccine than risk lives by catching or spreading covid,” Lovato wrote on Instagram, showing off her bandaged arm.

“It’s normal to be cautious when something new comes along. Wanting to know more is a good thing – it means you want to be informed.”

She added: “To ask questions and hear from others who have similar questions as you do, go to vaxbecause.org.”

Last month, Lovato also admitted she will no longer discuss her recovery after being criticised for revealing she is “California sober”.

The term refers to someone who only drinks and smokes marijuana, but does not take any other drugs.

Lovato shared the status of her sobriety in her recent four-part YouTube docuseries Dancing With The Devil, which saw her explain the events leading up to her near-fatal overdose in 2018 and followed her recovery.

“For me, I’ve decided that I’m probably never going to discuss the parameters surrounding my recovery and what that looks like,” she said in a new interview with Zach Sang.

“Because when I do get into details with people, it just kind of opens myself up for more scrutiny than I need.”

Last month (April 2), the singer released her latest album, ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’. In a four-star reviewNME said: “Powerful, purposeful and uncompromising, this is her definitive artistic statement to date. Demi Lovato is done pretending, and it really suits her.”

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