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Lana Del Rey

A doctor specialising in infectious diseases has criticised Lana Del Rey‘s use of a mesh face mask at a recent meet-and-greet event with her fans, saying that the singer might as well have been “wearing nothing” while donning the protective covering.

The singer held a signing event for her new poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass at a Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles on Friday (October 2).

But she faced criticism for taking photos with fans while wearing the covering, which featured large holes.

Speaking to Billboard, the University of California’s Dr Peter Chin-Hong said: “I am not very confident that it would prevent any spread of COVID.

“It looks interesting, but you don’t need to be a smart virus to get through that mesh. You could be the dumbest virus and it would be easy to get through that mesh.”

Outlining the flaws in Del Rey’s glamorous design, he went on: “The holes are so big in the mesh that you might as well be wearing nothing.

“I can draw a mask on my face with a magic marker and it would have the same efficiency as a mesh mask.”

But Dr. Chin-Hong also stressed that “mask shaming” is not the way forward for changing the behaviour of someone wearing an insufficient covering.

“Shaming is the worst thing you can do, because it makes somebody defensive,” he said. “In fact, if somebody said, ‘Hey, Lana, I wonder why you wore that mesh mask’ — and said it in a nice, kind, curious way — she might say, ‘Oh, I didn’t really know. You’re right, maybe this isn’t the best mask.’

Criticising the singer after the initial event, one fan wrote: ” “My love and admiration for her is beyond but I cannot understand why she is doing this? She is giving a wrong message about proper use of mask.”

At the same signing, Del Rey also revealed during the signing that her new album ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ might be coming out on either December 10 or next year on January 7.

“Because of the vinyl process being 11 weeks, it could be, like, January 7th,” she told fans, before explaining that she can’t decide whether to include ‘Dealer’, a previously teased song she has said just features her “screaming my head off”.

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