Elden Ring trailer 2

Elden Ring releases later this month on February 25, and a new trailer gives players everything they need to know before exploring The Lands Between.

The trailer is a broad welcome to Elden Ring that includes information on the setting, who the player will be, and how some of the game’s systems will work.

“You are a tarnished”, the voice-over begins as the trailer shares some of Elden Ring’s sweeping overworld. “A group of heroes once banished from The Lands Between.”

The trailer also shares details of Elden Ring’s dungeon areas. These will be locations players can explore that must be found across the overworld, acting similarly to traditional Dark Souls levels.

The map will also be a valuable tool for players, allowing custom markers to be used that remind players where certain enemies and items are. It can also be used to fast travel between checkpoints. If players want to take in the scenery but don’t have time to walk, they can summon their ever-present spectral steed Torrent instead.

The trailer also details how players can customise characters, from armour and appearance to abilities. FromSoftware recently revealed two of the playable classes that can be chosen at the start of Elden Ring. The Confessor and The Samurai. The Confessor is “a church spy adept at covert operations. Equally adept with a sword as they are with their incantations,” whilst the Samurai is “a capable fighter from the distant Land of Reeds. Handy with katana and longbows.”

In other news, the next operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege has been revealed. Azami is a defender capable of repairing holes in walls and blocking sight lines like drone holes. This ability behaves similar to Lesion’s mines, where more uses will become available as the round progresses.

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