Dead Cells

Motion Twin has confirmed details of its 30th update for rogue-like dungeon crawler Dead Cells, with Enter The Panchaku introducing new weapons, new ways to interact with the world around you and several balancing fixes.

Available now for PC and coming soon to consoles, Enter The Panchaku brings with it a new weapon – the Panchaku. The weapon, which is basically two frying pans and a bit of string, can reflect bombs and arrows as well as be used for offensive attacks.

The new update will also let you pet your pets during transition areas.

Elsewhere, the team at Motion Twin has completely reworked how legendary weapons work.

According to the patch notes, legendary weapons “now scale on your highest stat only. It was mostly overpowered, rather counter-intuitive (you had to split stats whereas you should do the opposite in non-legendary situations) and not really fun (just adding more damage on top of your damage).”

They’ve also created a new custom mode option (Legendaries Only) which “turns all weapons found in the run into legendary ones.”

Enter The Panchaku also brings two new outfits to Dead Cells. The Bobby Outfit is inspired by the Beheaded’s design from the Dead Cells trailers, flaming head included while the new Knight’s Outfit is inspired by Soul Knight‘s character of the same name.

Check out the full patch notes here.

Later this year, a Boss Rush area will be added to Dead Cells, which will let players fight all the bosses they’ve seen so far back-to-back before a winter update.

Heading into 2023 we won’t be slowing down,” said the team back in July. “In fact we’ll be stepping things up! It’s going to be by far our biggest year since the 1.0 launch and we’re thrilled to show you what we’ve been cooking up behind the scenes.”

“What we’re getting at here is that we’re very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells. We’re not sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners anymore, but we’ve still got plenty of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content.”

In other news, Ubisoft’s Beyond Good And Evil 2 has a new lead writer (Sarah Arellano), 15 years after development began.

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