Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

Battlestate Games has confirmed that Escape From Tarkov servers will temporarily go offline later this week.

The multiplayer first-person shooter video game will be taken offline for a minimum of four hours tomorrow (February 23) to allow Battlestate Games time to upload patch

The downtime will start at 6am GMT on February 23.

Announcing the news, Battlestate wrote: “Tomorrow, February 23, at 6AM GMT/1AM EST we are planning to install patch The installation will take approximately 4 hours, but may be extended if required. The game will not be accessible during this period.”

No patch notes have been shared yet but players are expecting this update to deal with a couple of issues Escape From Tarkov developers mentioned earlier in the month.

In a Twitter thread, Battlestate Games shared “an estimated plan of the changes, fixes, and improvements that will be included in the upcoming hotfixes” that include a “reworked and improved player group system” and a fix for the “majority of the causes of invisible players in raids”.

Battlestate Games also wants to “revert the mechanics of quest reward skill calculation as it was before patch” and “fix the Fence reputation calculation for killing Zryachiy and his guards.”

Other planned fixes will tackle issues with various icons, weapon animations and sound.

Escape From Tarkov‘s last wipe took place back in January and introduced Streets of Tarkov, a densely-packed new map that pushes players into tackling the shooter in a vastly different manner. The last hotfix also came in January.

In other news, Capcom has confirmed its Resident Evil 4 Remake will include a VR gameplay mode that will arrive via a free download. However, it probably won’t be ready for launch next month as development has only just started.

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