two side by side images of Elon Musk (left) and Taylor Swift (right)

Taylor Swift fans have hit back at Elon Musk‘s suggestion that the pop star should share her music directly onto X/Twitter.

Earlier this week, Musk – who bought the social media platform for $44billion last year – replied to a post from Swift in which she revealed the ‘From The Vault’ track titles for ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’.

“I recommend posting some music or concert videos directly on the X platform,” he wrote. Musk did not follow up his post with any explanation of why he thinks Swift should act on his recommendation.

However, he did later reply to a post that included a screenshot of a Rolling Stone article about his proposal to Swift. The publication said that Musk had “begged” Swift to release her music on X, which it described as a “failing social media platform”.

The accompanying post responded by outlining some recent figures in relation to X’s monthly active users, daily posts, and the claim that it is “the 5th most visited website in the world”.

Musk replied: “This is hilarious coming from a magazine that doesn’t even exist anymore. When is the last time anyone saw a copy?

two side by side photos of Elon Musk (left) and Taylor Swift (right)
Elon Musk and Taylor Swift. CREDIT: Chesnot/MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

“Their main purpose, and that of many other de facto defunct publications, is to manipulate public opinion by serving as a ‘mainstream media’ source for Wikipedia, to provide probable cause for bogus government investigations and to cancel people who ignore the woke mind virus.”

Many Swifties have since hit out at the X owner over his idea, with one writing: “With all due respect Mr. Elon sir I think Miss Swift knows what she’s doing.”

A second user said: “I think she probably has this whole thing figured out by now!” Fan account Taylor Swift Updates, meanwhile, commented: “Start paying fan pages more fairly for the engagement they bring to your app first.”

Another person added: “Great point. If she posted some videos of her singing she could become a millionaire in no time from the ad revenue.” Someone else wrote: “Isn’t distribution something [Swift] is the master of?”

Elsewhere, a fan said Musk was “trying to benefit from Taylor” and that she “doesn’t need Twitter to make money”. An X user commented: “Try paying royalties to songwriters and you MIGHT have a case. Your political views will most likely keep her off either way.”

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift – CREDIT: Getty

Over on Reddit, a Swiftie joked: “Taylor and X are never ever getting together, like ever.” A second user said: “He is a [billionaire] whatever himself. And him posting something cheap like this on her post is so…ew… she is a reputed singer. Man, have some respect.”

The ‘Midnights’ singer, who is known to be business-savvy, has broken numerous records recently and made history last December by selling six million album-equivalent units in eight weeks.

Her ongoing ‘Eras Tour’, meanwhile is on course to become one of the highest-grossing live tours of all time.

As Rolling Stone reports, the National Music Publishers Association and its members sued X over the summer for infringing copyright on more than 1,700 songs. It is said that the legal dispute predates Musk’s acquisition.

David Israelite, NMPA president, explained at the time: “Twitter stands alone as the largest social media platform that has completely refused to license the millions of songs on its service.”

This illustration photo shows the new Twitter logo rebranded as X (L) and the old Twitter bird logo reflected in smartphone screens, in Paris on July 27, 2023. Credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty
This illustration photo shows the new Twitter logo rebranded as X (L) and the old Twitter bird logo reflected in smartphone screens, in Paris on July 27, 2023. Credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty

X is the last major social media platform without a music licensing agreement, and the site has filed a motion for the suit to be dismissed.

In other news, Swift this week drove record-breaking numbers to the Vote.org website after urging her fans to vote in the upcoming US elections.

Last week she took home a history-making nine awards at the 2023 MTV VMAs, tying for the most wins in one night.

Meanwhile, Musk has said that X will likely start charging its users.

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