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You gotta hand it to FINNEAS; it can’t be easy being the oldest brother to the single biggest pop sensation in the world, Billie Eilish. As a producer and songwriter, he puts in so much work into her music (he did get a Producer of the Year Grammy for When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?), yet she’s the one constantly in the spotlight. Thankfully, he seems to be as gracious a behind-the-scenes guys as you’d want — so when he does get to step forward, as he did last night on Jimmy Fallon, you have to feel happy for him.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Monday, FINNEAS supported his own Blood Harmony EP with a performance of “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”. His own music isn’t as richly produced as Eilish’s, and the song is a pretty standard pop song led by his acoustic guitar. There are still plenty of interesting textures, though, and his voice is unquestionably strong. While it’s hard to compare to his captivating younger sister, it’s just further evidence that FINNEAS is one of the most talent singer-songwriters in the game right now.

More proof came when he joined Fallon on the chairs for a chat. Talking about working with Eilish and her rise, he mentioned that he wrote both her breakout track “Ocean Eyes” and “when the party’s over” (which the pair just performed at the Grammys) himself. He also revealed some of the unique sounds he incorporates into her songs, like the dentist drill on “bury a friend”. One of our favorite songs of 2019 and a multi-Grammy winner, “bad guy” utilizes the crosswalk sound heard on Australia’s streets — and Questlove’s reaction upon hearing it incorporated into the track should tell you how awesome that really is.

Elsewhere in the interview, FINNEAS teased his and Eilish’s upcoming theme for the new James Bond movieNo Time to Die. Though he couldn’t actually say much, he did promise it would debut “really soon.”

Watch all the clips from Fallon below. FINNEAS also has a number of festival appearances lined up, many of which will also feature Billie Eilish (Spain’s Mad Cool, Lollapalooza Paris, and Alabama’s Hangout Festival included). Get tickets to all his forthcoming shows here. Also stay tuned for his performance with Eilish on this weekend’s Oscars.

Finneas performs “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” on Fallon: Watch
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