Former MÖTLEY CRÜE singer John Corabi has slammed people who have been protesting around the U.S. to urge governors to relax the strict rules on commerce, work and daily life that health officials have said are necessary to save lives. In the last few days, several protests were organized by conservative groups who oppose the closures of businesses, parks and schools put in place over the past month to help slow the spread of the virus. Some protesters have said that they view the closures as an infringement on their freedom claimed coronavirus fears have been overblown and that social distancing is not needed. On Sunday, Corabi took to his Facebook page to post the following message: "Now I really do hope I'm wrong about this. And I don't usually post political bullshit, but I'm flabbergasted at these fucking morons that think they know better than people of science. "We were given social distancing advice and there are some that think their rights are being taken away. I say 'FUCK OFF'.... "The longer you think this is a 'hoax' or a ploy to begin taking your rights away, please take a look at all of the AMERICAN HEROES OF THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, EMT'S, and DOCTORS, NURSES, that heroically gave their lives against this virus!!! "This is fucking real!!!! "Those spring breakers on those Florida beaches a few weeks ago that went to celebrate, only to go back and test positive may argue. That pastor in Florida that refused to abide by the social distancing a couple of weeks ago, that died this week from Covid, would argue, even the British Prime minister, would argue. "What am I seeing differently than you? Why do you think you know better than people like Dr. Fauci? "Take your bullshit conspiracy theories and shove them up your ass... "News flash...THE EARTH IS ROUND, and we LANDED ON THE MOON!!! "Stop with your ignorance! If this is about Republicans vs. Democrats, the Italians, South Koreans, The British, The Iranians, The Germans,...basically the WHOLE WORLD would argue with your stupidity! "If you're willing to die to get back to work then SO BE IT!!!! But remember,...this isn't about just you. This is about you going back to 'Life As Normal', and infecting others that may not feel the way you do!!!! "If you want to go back to work, then sign a disclaimer and go back to work. But if you get sick, and start whining like a little bitch,...TOO BAD!!!! Take your sick ass and self isolate with your FAMILY, you get NOTHING! "I lost gigs too. I'm out of work too, I'm losing much needed money as well. I can't get unemployment, or stimulus checks cause my government thinks I make too much money! Fuck that!!! I have bills too, and I can't work!!! So the longer you sit in a crowd saying you want your FREEDOM back, you could be possibly TAKING OTHER PEOPLES FREEDOM AWAY!!!! "Don't be a moron!!!! "Doctors, Nurses, EMT'S, sacrificed and went to work, and PLEADED for us to stay home and socially distance. Have a bit of respect for the unsung American heroes, and others who are abiding by the rules. The longer you 'JERK OFF' , the longer I have to self isolate, and the more you disrespect those that died fighting this shit!" The protests against stay-at-home orders were held in several cities after President Donald Trump urged demonstrators to "liberate" three states led by Democratic governors. However, protests happened in Republican-led states, too, including at the Texas Capitol and in front of the Indiana governor's home. According to Vox, most of the public, including the vast majority of Republicans, largely supports social distancing measures, and recent polling showed that half of Republicans are concerned stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures will be lifted too quickly. More than 2.4 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide and more than 166,000 deaths so far, putting public health systems and emergency services under immense pressure. U.S. officials have repeatedly urged Americans to heed what federal, state and local officials are asking of them in order to curtail the spread and dampen the impact of the virus on the population.
Now I really do hope I’m wrong about this. And I don’t usually post political bullshit, but I’m flabbergasted at these... Posted by John Corabi on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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