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To combat New World’s long queue times and busy servers, Amazon Game Studios has announced that players will no longer be able to create new characters in servers designated as full.

In an announcement posted yesterday (October 2), the New World Twitter account has said that it is “implementing a system to prevent new players from creating new characters in full servers”.

Servers marked as full will be greyed out, and players will receive an error message stating, “character creation temporarily disabled on this server to prevent overpopulation”.

As it stands, 28 servers have been moved to full status, meaning all of these servers are off-limits to new players. While this is the current list, the statement notes that players should watch the server status page “since this list of worlds can change from hour to hour”.

While this should hopefully move to help long New World queue times, Amazon Game Studios is also working on adding more servers and increasing the cap on every existing server, which are currently limited to 2000 each.

Since launching on September 28, New World has struggled with demand for the MMO vastly outstripping the number of servers available. One day after launch, the New World team said it was “working hard” to address long queue times, and on Friday (October 1) stressed that it’s “working around the clock” to add more servers.

The popularity of New World has been visible since day one, as streams of the MMO reached almost 1million concurrent viewers on launch day alone.

In other news, Capcom has recently announced plans to make PC the primary platform for its games, with Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto sharing that the company aims to have PC and console sales split evenly by around 2022-2023.

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