Gamers Without Borders announces that Chance The Rapper and Spurs and England midfielder Dele will be playing Fortnite in a £1m (1.5m USD) charity tournament.

Gamers Without Borders is an online esports festival that sees casual and professional players participate in a multi-week campaign to raise money for charities. The current fundraiser is a nine-week event raising money to distribute COVID-19 vaccines.

Chance The Rapper and Dele Alli will join the third elite series tournament, which begins on Thursday, July 1. Each of them will be paired with a professional Fortnite player and join the battle against other top esports stars. Dele will be playing on Thursday evening, with Chance The Rapper playing on Friday.

The Fortnite tournament will be played in duos. Five matches will be played on each of the tournament’s three days. “Daily crowns and the crown for best team across the entire competition will be up for grabs, with the top-performing duos earning their share of the $1.5million charity prize fund.”

Alli played in last year’s Fortnite tournament. “Everyone who knows me knows how big a Fortnite fan I am and how often I play. And I do like to think I’m pretty good!” He added, “Last years’ experience was awesome. You could feel that united nature of the event, with gamers around the world all coming together for the greater good, and I’m sure it will be the same this weekend.”

All money raised and donated during Gamers Without Borders will go directly to humanitarian organisations across the world that are lead COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts, such as UNICEF, Gave, Direct Relief, the International Medical Corps, and the King Salman Humanitarian Aid & Relief Centre.

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