George Lynch says that fans should refrain from getting tattoos of their favorite musicians. The former DOKKEN and current LYNCH MOB guitarist made the comment while sharing a photo on Twitter of a Lynch tattoo on a male fan's forearm. George wrote in an accompanying message: "I don't think you should permanently tattoo images of musicians you like on your body. you might change your mind :(Unless it's Hendrix, Dylan, Lennon, Bach or Woody Guthrie)" For some die-hard fans, getting a tattoo of their favorite artist is the ultimate display of how much they truly love their hero. Many fans sport tattoos of their favorite band's logo of wear the cover art of their favorite album. Nothing screams "I'm your biggest fan" like permanently etching your favorite musician's face or name into your skin. LYNCH MOB is in the process of re-recording its debut album, "Wicked Sensation", for the LP's 30th anniversary. The new version of the effort will feature original vocalist Oni Logan and returning drummer Brian Tichy. This past March, George rejoined DOKKEN on stage at the Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi to perform three of the band's classic songs: "Kiss Of Death", "When Heaven Comes Down" and "Tooth And Nail". The reunion was supposed to be the first of several DOKKEN live appearances this year which was to include what was being billed as a "special encore performance" featuring Lynch and Don Dokken. Image courtesy of Pitbull Audio

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