Glassbreakers: Champions Of Moss is a spin-off of Polyarc‘s supremely successful debut series, and pits players against each other in a live multiplayer VR battle fighting game with characters from Moss.

It’s similar to a standard multiplayer online battle arena, but in this instance, the opponents are physically present in the match with their Reader avatars. Check it out in action in the developer’s showcase below:

Readers are the manifestation of the player in the world of Moss that are able to interact with its environments and characters through the magical fiction. Using a maximum of three champions from the fantasy land, the player will aim to take out the enemy’s Glass idol and defend their own from attacks.

Polyarc described it as a “live service 1v1 real-time battler”, and as the players are able to see each other, they can see the moves that their opponent might be queuing up.

Glassbreakers: Champions Of Moss will include a season pass, per Eurogamer‘s deep dive on the game. However, “any paid content will be cosmetic only and it will be generous with its currencies”, Polyarc said. Additionally, more and more champions will arrive in the game with seasonal releases.

Glassbreakers is unique because your opponent is sitting directly across from you,” design director Chris Bourassa said in the showcase. “You have the ability to see all their moves and strategy in real-time. This allows you to decide, do you want to counter what they’re doing, or attack with your own strategy and force them to react to you?”

‘Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss’ Credit: Polyarc

Currently, the game is available in early access on the Meta Quest 2. Polyarc detailed its intentions to take it to other platforms like Steam and PSVR2, as well as crossplay, in the future.

In other news, the metal band TesseracT has been working on a VR sci-fi title that ties into its album War Of Being, as “a hypnotic bridge between music and gaming”.

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