GONE IS GONE, the project featuring MASTODON's Troy Sanders, AT THE DRIVE-IN's Tony Hajjar, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's Troy Van Leeuwen and guitarist-keyboardist Mike Zarin, has released the official music video for a new song called "Everything Is Wonderfall". The track delivers a powerful mantra, a meditation of an uncertain universe that we may be in tune with but is not in tune with us, capturing a heavy and dark melancholic sound and lyrics mixed with rock riffs and mid-tempo bass. "As the world was locking down and musicians were figuring out a new normal, we were fortunately and unfortunately doing what this band has always had to do to continue creating," Hajjar said. "This song was started with a jam and then cut up and edited to be fitting to a new sound that we are trying out. We want our songs to be able to fit in a band format or switch into an electronic based format that can live on its own as a second arm of the bands sound. Looking forward to everybody hearing the rest of the songs." The video for "Everything Is Wonderfall" was once again created with Freangel Pacheco, who collaborated with the band on the "No One Ever Walked On Water" clip. Due to the current pandemic preventing the band from coming together in person, each bandmember filmed himself performing the song and worked with Freangel to create a visualizer that represented the central themes of the song; that this a person trapped in an endless cycle, a frustrating monotony, an inescapable rat race type of existence that's chipping away at his/her psyche. The chorus is looking at the bright side of life; to wonder. And as the song is ending, it shows that we are in a cyclical pattern: Wonder, fall, repeat and ultimately falling. "Everything Is Wonderfall" is available on all digital platforms on Clouds Hill. "Everything Is Wonderfall" lyrics: Your stare has become darker You are selling me disorder Rude is standing on the edge of all thats getting worse One thousand reaches out attempted Another fleeting act of pantomime Spaces are vacant and become hollow Breaks are far and few for what its worth Lose the will to wait any longer Urge to kill is growing stronger Ruins remain untouched and true Shedding off the skin of all thats getting worse Spaces are vacant and become hollow Breaks are far and few for what its worth Too many places appear the same And your reflection mirrors the game Take one break and fall to your knees Dance in the sunshine Swim in the sea So many faces appear the same And your reflection mirrors the game Take one break and fall to your knees Dance in the sunshine Swim in the sea Inked into your skin Stories of the past And we fade in time Take ahold of yourself Can you soak it in Circle is the path None of your concern Darkness has arrived Wonder Fall Wonder Fall Wonder Fall Wonder Fall [End of lyrics] "Everything Is Wonderfall" is the first new music from GONE IS GONE since the release of "No One Ever Walked On Water" last December. Prior to that, GONE IS GONE issued "Phantom Limb" in November 2017 as part of a seven-inch red vinyl single for Record Store Day's Black Friday. GONE IS GONE's debut album, "Echolocation", entered Billboard's Heatseekers Chart at No. 3 back in January 2017. Hailed by Clash as "a crisp, compact document, one laced with energy and sweeping songwriting," "Echolocation" was produced by the band and mixed by Ken Andrews (BECK, A PERFECT CIRCLE). GONE IS GONE was formed by multi-instrumentalist Mike Zarin and Hajjar, who previously collaborated on various film trailer projects for Sencit, Zarin's music production, licensing and supervision company. Together they've put together a wildly diverse sound production resume that includes trailers for the Internet-breaking television series "Stranger Things", Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi thriller "Inception", multi-Emmy-winning television series "Game Of Thrones" and the Marvel Comics blockbuster film "X-Men Apocalypse", to name but a few. They brought in Troy Van Leeuwen, known for his work with QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, FAILURE, A PERFECT CIRCLE, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL and SWEETHEAD, who, in turn, brought in Troy Sanders from multi-Grammy nominees MASTODON.

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