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Newly pregnant art-pop queen Grimes has shared her pregnancy skincare routine in a new video for Vogue. As with just about anything she does these days, she takes a very unique approach to her makeup process.

In the tutorial, the singer (also known simply as “c”) works through her newly adapted practices, which have clearly been affected by getting “knocked up: “I don’t know if everyone has this, but when I got knocked up, my skin got super red and constantly covered in stuff,” she says in the video. “Doing makeup is way harder when you’re pregnant for some reason.”

Grimes moves through a series of high-end serums and sunscreens before getting into her makeup choices. While she says she appreciates that Kardashian look (“It’s obviously some neanderthal thing where you just like the big eyes and the lips and the contour…”), she admits it “doesn’t look good on me.” So she takes a rather unconventional approach to beauty, saying, “I like having bags under my eyes, I like looking kind of scary… I kinda like how it sorta looks demonic.”

“I like the look of being pretty, but like ravaged by war,” she adds. “Like the character Eva in Metal Gear 3. I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about.”

Elsewhere in the video, she mourns a former unibrow and not knowing the real color of her hair. She also admits to recently accidentally burning some off while she tried to go full Mother of Dragons. “My hair was really long and really nice, and the bottoms had been black because I dyed them black. So I was like, ‘I’m just gonna do the one final bleach, bleach the bottom of my hair and have beautiful Khaleesi hair and it’s gonna be amazing,'” Grimes says. “And it all burned off and it was devastating… Being pregnant is great for your hair, I’ve had a lot of regrowth.”

Of course, she says all this while drawing tiger stripes on her forehead with liquid eyeliner. Ya know, ’cause Grimes. Watch her full routine below.

The singer’s new LP, Miss_Anthrop0cene, is expected to arrive later this month, as she discussed in-depth with Lana Del Rey back in December. It’s uncertain if she’ll tour for the album, or if she’s actually working on getting a hologram to perform in her place instead. She recently premiered her War Nymph avatar, which she’s talked about replacing her online and in music videos, so why not on stage as well?

Meanwhile, Grimes’ partner Elon Musk just dropped his own EDM single, “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe”.

Grimes shares her pregnancy skincare routine in video tutorial: Watch
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