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Halo Infinite

343 Industries’ recent delay of Halo Infinite has reportedly given the studio time to implement new features in the game.

The anonymous Twitter account Qilin, who is supposedly a developer from the 343 Industries team, took to Twitter to share several details about the upcoming game. “New Halo Infinite build is up. Looking amazing, new features added in early stages. This game is going to change everything when it’s out,” the account wrote.

Check out the tweet below.


Qilin did not give any concrete hints at what these “new features” entail, however, did reassure fans that the delay – while disappointing – was necessary to make it the game the best it can be.

In a separate tweet, Qilin remarked that the game’s postponement will be “all worth it, trust me. I wanted the delay to happen”. He added that it will not be long before Halo Infinite is released: “It won’t be too long though just hang in there. We’re definitely taking our time to perfect this now that we got a delay.”

While it has not been confirmed if the Twitter account is being handled by a legitimate 343 Industries developer, or a fake account trying to build hype for the game, it is worth noting that the account has teased several Microsoft IP details before any official word from Microsoft.

Halo Infinite was initially scheduled to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in November, but has since been delayed to 2021. The Xbox Series X and S will launch globally on November 10.

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