David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah in 'Rye Lane'

Details of when the new romantic comedy Rye Lane will be coming to Disney+  and streaming services have been revealed.

Rye Lane, directed by Raine Allen-Miller, follows a black love story starring David Jonsson as Dom and Vivian Oparah as Yas in London.

A synopsis reads: “Two twenty-somethings both reeling from bad break-ups, who connect over the course of an eventful day in South London – helping each other deal with their nightmare exes and potentially restoring their faith in romance.”

Here are some details about the movie, and when it’ll be heading to streaming.

When will Rye Lane premiere on Disney+?

The film will be released in the UK and Ireland on Disney+ on May 3.

Will Rye Lane premiere in the US?

Yes, the film is set to release on Hulu and Hulu+ on March 31.

Is there a trailer for Rye Lane?

Yes, check it out below. The trailer Dom and Yas as they begin to help each other with their nightmare ex-partners and look to restore their faith in romance – as well as providing a glimpse of the chemistry between Jonsson and Oparah in the rest of the movie.



In an interview with NME, Jonsson was eager to shift credit to Oparah for the quality of the performance making the movie what it is.

“Vivian is responsible for how good it is, really,” he said. “You don’t have to do anything when you’re in a scene with her.”

He added that he was surprised that director Raine Allen Miller gave him the role in the first place. “I’m not a romantic lead,” he added. “That’s just strange.”

In a recent interview with The Independent, Oprah Winfrey spoke of how black women are often “hypersexualized” or ” de-romanticized” in romance films, but watching Oparah as Yas in Rye Lane made her feel “fab.”

“As young, dark-skinned women, we’re often hypersexualized or de-romanticized. You can’t be viewed in a romantic context; you can only be viewed as a sexual object,” Winfrey said.”To be a representation of just a Black woman in all her complexities, and visually with my West African features… yeah – it feels fab.”

In a four-star review of the movie, NME wrote: “Rye Lane might lack the big budget and starry cast of its Hollywood rivals, but when your two leads boast the kind of chemistry that fizzes between David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah, that doesn’t matter. Forget You People or Ticket To Paradise, this indie love story is a higher class of romcom.”

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