Jet Grind Radio. Image credit: Sega/Project Deluge

A huge cache of prototype games for the original Xbox and Dreamcast have been discovered and released online as part of Project Deluge.

Project Deluge is an initiative by games preservation group Hidden Palace, with the intention of uncovering prototype and beta versions of retro games. Once the games are discovered, they are uploaded to the website for anyone to sample.

The latest upload centres on the classic Xbox console and the Dreamcast, releasing over 400 prototypes between the two. Overall, Project Deluge now includes over 1700 builds.

The Xbox haul includes 349 prototypes, with such gems as an English localisation of Dinosaur Hunting: Ushinawareta Daichi (which was due to release in 2003 but never did), prototypes of Jet Set Radio Future, Crazy Taxi 3, and Toe Jam & Earl 3. Some of the games on the list were never released for the Xbox console, including The Vatz, Made Man, and Hail to The Chimp.

The Dreamcast highlights include builds of Jet Grind Radio with debug enabled, and an early build of 4 Wheel Thunder called Offroad Thunder. There were also pre-production FMV files for an early prototype of Deep Fighter.

The Hidden Palace’s Twitter account confirmed “the project isn’t even close to being finished yet”, urging fans of Project Deluge to “stay tuned for more in the upcoming months”.

In other gaming news, Sega has launched a teaser site for an upcoming RPG game, which seems to be a mobile game based on the translated voiceover.

The voiceover mentions “an RPG made up of scenes. A smartphone. You choose the ending”, suggesting that the upcoming game will be for mobile platforms.

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