In the video below, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson, who is also the chairman of Caerdav, a fully approved and certified Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and pilot training company based at the St Athan – Cardiff Airport Aerospace Enterprise Zone in South Wales, United Kingdom, talks about the exciting new deal between Caerdav and GE Aviation to provide engine change support for low-cost carrier Flyadeal. Flyadeal, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Airlines, has signed a seven-year TrueChoice Overhaul agreement during the Dubai Airshow to cover CFM56-5B engines that power its 11 A320-200 aircraft fleet. The TrueChoice Overhaul agreement provides time and material required to overhaul Flyadeal's fleet of CFM56-5B engines. "GE Aviation is honored to provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services and material to support Flyadeal's growth in the Middle East. This agreement will enable us to provide high-quality OEM service to keep Flyadeal's CFM56-5B engine fleet flying," said Russell Stokes, GE Aviation Services president and chief executive officer. As part of the agreement, GE Aviation provided Flyadeal an end-to-end engine management solution, combining engine overhaul services along with logistics for engine removals, changes and leases. Previously, the cost and logistics of engine removal, delivery and collection was the responsibility of the airline or lessor customer. The company's turnkey approach means these logistics will be handled by GE and its suppliers. "We are delighted to be working with GE Aviation in developing its first integrated turn-key engine services program which addresses the complete A to Z needs of Flyadeal under a single vendor agreement between GE and Flyadeal. It's a testament to how a true low fare operator like Flyadeal is driving innovation and change by working closely with key partners willing to adapt to the specific operational needs of Flyadeal," said Mike Hewitt, chief operating officer of Flyadeal. GE Aviation is providing Flyadeal integrated overhaul and engine change services through Caerdav, which is a GE vendor in this agreement. "This idea represents a new way of doing business for GE, and we are proud to be one of their trusted MRO suppliers. Through working closely with Caerdav, GE will be able to offer their customers a more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective way of managing their engine requirements," said Joachim Jones, group CEO for Caerdav. The TrueChoice suite of engine maintenance offerings incorporates an array of GE capabilities and customization across an engine's lifecycle. Each TrueChoice offering is underpinned by GE Aviation Fleet Support's 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics to help reduce maintenance burden and service disruptions for customers. Operating from a former RAF maintenance base equipped with 6,000ft ILS runway and parking for up to 20 narrow-bodied airliners, Caerdav specializes in MRO work for Airbus 320s and Boeing 737s, and provides complete training for airline pilots and cabin crew.

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