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Riot Games will host a virtual concert for Pentakill – a heavy metal band made up of champions from League Of Legends – ahead of their upcoming album Lost Chapter.

The concert – which Riot Games is running in partnership with Wave – will take place at 9 PM BST on September 8. Fans can attend the concert at Wave.Watch and, following the event, the upcoming Pentakill album Lost Chapter will release directly afterwards. Speaking on Pentakill, head of Riot Games Music Toa Dunn has said:

“We’re excited to continue to push the envelope in music and storytelling with Pentakill. With our partners at Wave, The Mill, and We Are Royale, we have set out to showcase what the future of virtual entertainment experiences can be.”

Pentakill Viego league of legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games

Wave, which specialises in “interactive live performance experiences”, has previously worked with artists like The Weeknd and John Legend to create virtual concerts. Meanwhile, The Mill recently worked on the Witch Queen reveal for Destiny 2.

As Pentakill is a band featuring champions from League Of Legends, patch 11.18 for the game will bring each member of the band a new Pentakill skin. This includes a new skin for the newest member, Viego, as well as older champions such as Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, Karthus and Yorick.

While Pentakill was once the only band to come from League Of Legends, Riot has since found fan success with K/DA and True Damage, two separate groups that have both received skin lines and performed live at Worlds.

In other news, Amazon Games has made the “tough decision” to push the western release of Korean MMO Lost Ark back to early 2022. It’s not all bad though, as fans still have a chance of playing the game this year with an open beta arriving in November.

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