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Greentea Peng has released her first new track since sharing debut album ‘MAN MADE’ last June – check out the swaggering ‘Your Mind’ below.

Announcing the track on Instagram, Greentea Peng wrote: “It’s been a while Pengheadz. I’m not on this rushing ting. This one is dedicated to all those who struggle with a loud, negative mind. Those who tell themselves they can’t do things. Those in constant chatter (with a) 2 sometimes 3 way convo inside.”

She added: “This song as always is for anyone who needs it. I needed it. I get (cooped) up in here, trust me.”

Listen to ‘Your Mind’ here:

Alongside the new track, Greentea Peng has also released “Be Kind To Your Mind” t-shirts and posters, with all proceeds going to mental health charity Young Minds. You can find out more about their work here.

Earlier this year, Greentea Peng cancelled her March UK headline tour due to the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. “If it was just me on the mic over a track it would be different but maneuvering a 6 piece band plus team is a different story and we need time, full energy and a lot of money to make shit happen. I’d rather do it properly than slap dash,” she said in a statement.

“I’m gonna be back bigger, better and more free as soon as we can do this shit properly and in a relaxed manner. I don’t like stress. I hope some of you will come find me at one of the many cool festivals I’m playing at this year (announcing soon) after that we’ll get to it. Promise,” she added.

Speaking to NME about the meditative quality of her music, Greentea Peng explained: “Spirituality comes from being very depressed for half of your life and having to transmute those vibrations into higher ones.”

“It comes from the long, ongoing journey I’m on with my mental health,” she continued. There’s no option for me to make shallow music because it doesn’t serve a purpose.”

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