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Matt Bellamy has shared a new, stripped-back version of ‘Unintended’ – listen to it below.

The Muse frontman shared the classical-piano, acoustic version of the hit from their 1999 debut, ‘Showbiz’ on social media this morning (June 26).

Posting on Twitter, Bellamy wrote: “Check out this classical piano acoustic version of Unintended, out today.”

He continued: “I wrote this song when I was around 19 and it seems more relevant today than back then!”

You can listen to it below:

Last month (May 16), Bellamy revealed that he’d bought a guitar owned by Jeff Buckley and that he plans to use it on Muse’s next album.

In an interview with Guitar World, Bellamy revealed that he bought the 1983 blonde USA Fender Telecaster which Buckley used to record his acclaimed album, ‘Grace’. Buckley recorded famed song ‘Hallelujah’ using the guitar.

Bellamy told the magazine: “I had a whole team of people doing due diligence on it to make sure it was absolutely the right one, interviewing his family and all sorts. I managed to get it verified, and I’ve got his Telecaster that he recorded the whole Grace album with, and the song ‘Hallelujah’.”

He continued: “I haven’t bought it to hang it on the wall with a picture of Jeff saying, ‘Look what I’ve got.’ I’ve bought it to actually attempt to use it and integrate it, and keep this guitar part of music. I’d like to believe that’s what he would have wanted.

“…I’ve already used it, actually. It’s on a cover song that we’re doing with the Jaded Hearts Club. But I’m hoping to use that a little bit here and there on the next Muse album as well.

Speaking to NME, Bellamy also revealed earlier this year that he was planning to release some more solo songs this year after he released his first ever-solo track ‘Tomorrow’s World’, while in lockdown.

“I can imagine myself putting out more songs this year. I don’t have any plans to get a record deal or do an album,” Bellamy said. “I don’t have any plans to really heavily market anything. It’s just me tinkering about on my own at home.”

Earlier this month (June 7), Bellamy welcomed his second child – a daughter with wife Elle Evans. 

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