A brand new NieR: Automata mod makes the machine lifeforms look like Among Us crew mates.

Titled ‘Amogus’, and created by ZpriteSSBM, the mod swaps out the original model of NieR: Automata‘s enemy machine’s for a more adorable look by replacing them with the red Among Us crew members (thanks, PCGamesN).

From the images on the download page, which you can find right here, the addition of the Among Us characters looks to be awfully out of place in Automata‘s grey post-apocalyptic world, but the mod is completely compatible.

There’s also a gif on the page showing the machine’s in action, spinning and attacking all while looking like the Among Us crew members, and it’s a little unsettling.

The model, which was originally created by ThatAverageJoe, even has cel-shading to make the crew members stand out in the environment. The NieR: Automata Among Us mod was uploaded on August 28 and is currently available to download on Nexus Mods.

Elsewhere, a Skyrim mod that prevents players from booting up the game has been removed from Nexus Mods. The ‘NoSkyrim’ mod simply stops you from playing the RPG after it’s installed, making it seem rather pointless, which could be the reason behind why it was banned as it purposely bugs out the game.

The creator of the mod is trying to get their work reuploaded to Nexus and has even started a change.org petition to gain support, which currently has over 200 signatures as of writing.

Meanwhile, the new version 2.07 patch for Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will fix issues regarding missing armour and mission rewards. The main fix is the Fundoshi armour, as in New Game+ it wasn’t appearing in some players inventories when it should have been.

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