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The mobile app for Nintendo Switch Online has undergone a sizeable update, bringing a handful of general improvements to the user experience. 

As reported by Eurogamer, today (March 7) the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app has been updated to version 2.0.0, bringing with it plenty of changes and improvements to how the app interacts with the player’s profile.

Most notable is the complete redesign of the app, which immediately shows the user their friend list, game-specific services and the voice chat tab. The app store also says that players can change their online-status settings and view their own friend code now as well.

Going into the settings tab will show the player’s friend code and allow them to toggle their online status to be visible by all friends, best friends or no one. According to the app description, “other minor changes have also been implemented.”

Nintendo Switch running Mario Odyssey
Nintendo Switch Credit: Nintendo

Despite these changes, users still can’t contact their friends within the app or invite them to games on it or even add new players via the app itself. These features have been requested since the app launched in 2017.

This update to the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app follows a recent update to the online rewards system. Now users can complete missions related to their online activity and use points from them to redeem different parts of customisable icons, but a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is needed.

The Platinum Points a player receives can also be used to redeem digital wallpapers and order physical items from the My Nintendo Store. Regarding the customisable icons, Nintendo has said that “each month will have a different theme and icon elements will be refreshed each week,” allowing more options for players.

In other news, Dying Light 2 may be getting a new game plus mode.

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