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Oli Sykes has shared a snippet of new Bring Me The Horizon music and asked fans if their new sound is “too crazy”.

The band are currently working on the follow-up to October 2020’s ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’, which was the first in a planned series of ‘Post Human’ releases.

“We’re just beginning, really,” frontman Sykes told NME back in January about their new music plans. “We’re actually working on parts two, three and four simultaneously and working on ideas from all the records. There’s a good chance that we might release songs from each before we release the next record.

“We’ll get songs out as soon as we can. You won’t have to hold your breath for too long.”

Sykes added: “In terms of an actual record, I’d like to wait until we’ve toured this year. We’ve got so much to play from ‘Survival Horror’ that if we try to release another record before that then it’ll be like: ‘What the fuck do we play?’ I’d like to sample a bit of all three of the new records before one comes out, just so everyone gets an idea of what they’re going to sound like.”


working on new stuff.. too crazy? #emo #fyp #metal #poorstacy #bringmethehorizon

♬ original sound – BRING ME THE HORIZON

Posting on the Bring Me The Horizon TikTok account over the weekend, Sykes filmed himself listening to a snippet of heavy new music by the band and asking “is this too crazy?”.

You can listen to this preview of the new Bring Me The Horizon material in the clip posted above.

Earlier this month Sykes teamed up with Olivia O’Brien for the track ‘No More Friends’, which features on the latter’s six-track ‘Episodes: Season 1’ EP.

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