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Parklife Feestival has seemingly cancelled the free tickets of one punter who attempted to resell them for over double their original price.

The Manchester festival sold out its general admission tickets this morning (March 24), after unveiling a line-up that included the likes of DaBaby, Dave, Megan Thee Stallion and Skepta.

But one fan called Hamish managed to avoid the ticket stress after winning tickets for himself and his friends by impressing the festival’s Twitter account with his group name, Turn The Heaton On – a play on the event’s Heaton Park location.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Hamish attempted to make a quick buck, tweeting: “3 weekend tickets for sale £350 each.”

He even remained unrepentant when one user called Charlotte labelled his prices as “ridiculous,” with Hamish citing “supply and demand” as the cause for his actions.

“I won tickets for me and my pals so why wouldn’t I sell them?” he said.

Unfortunately, Parklife was tagged in the interaction and soon confirmed that they were having absolutely none of it. “Lol. Your tickets have just been cancelled pal,” they tweeted.

With his tail firmly between his legs, Hamish then replied: “Couldn’t write my life,” before adding: “I’d love to know what I was supposed to do with tickets I already had before I won the other ones, snowflakes of today have too many opinions.”

Parklife has previously warned people against purchasing resale tickets. A statement on their website reads: “We hate seeing customers turn up to the festival with fake tickets not being able to get in.”

Fans who missed out on this morning’s pre-sale will another chance at Parklife tickets tomorrow, as general sale opens at 10am on Thursday.

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