The Libertines' Pete Doherty backstage at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Andy Ford for NME

Pete Doherty has shared some of his strongest Glastonbury memories – featuring Kate Moss, an “undercover agent” sent by Vivienne Westwood and a £16,000 cardigan once owned by T Rex legend Marc Bolan. Watch part two of our interview with Doherty above.

This week’s Big Read cover story sees the likes of HAIM, Sigrid, Yungblud, Baebadoobee, Fontaines DC and more tell us about Glastonbury and what it means to them. Speaking to NME just after The Libertines stepped off stage from their opening performance on The Other Stage at Glastonbury 2022 last weekend, Doherty told us how Glasto had always had a special place in the band’s hearts.

Carl [Barat] was brought up like a babe in arms at Greenham Common with a real hippie background,” he said. “He would always tell us stories about how they would dig tunnels under fences to get in. It was always a sacred thing, Glastonbury. It fed on the mythology a bit for him.”

Pete Doherty of The Libertines
Pete Doherty of The Libertines. Credit: A. Ford

Asked what he could recall about his very first time at Glastonbury, Doherty replied: “I think I was with Kate [Moss] at the time. We were really late and came in a Land Rover through the crowd.

“I can’t remember much about my first Glastonbury. I remember meeting my sister and I hadn’t seen her for years. She was arguing with her boyfriend in a field somewhere. We met at random. I also had a Vivienne Westwood cardigan that apparently belonged to Marc Bolan. I stole it from a fashion shoot. Vivienne Westwood sent an undercover agent. She basically sent this really fit bird backstage to derobe me of my cardigan.”

Does he still have said item of clothing? “No, or course not,” he replied. “It was a £16,000 cardigan!”

Recalling some of his other favourite times at Worthy farm, he added: “I have memories of being in that tent where you put the headphones on and everyone dances to a different tune – the silent disco.

“I saw [Clash guitarist] Mick Jones in there; that was a good memory. Then, you know, five in the morning around a campfire in Strummerville. Things like that…”

Doherty also spoke to us about progress on The Libertines’ long-awaited fourth album – which he hopes will be done by the end of the year.

Check out part one of our Glasto interview with Doherty here, where he also discusses the “indie sleaze phenomenon”, the upcoming celebrations for the 20th anniversary of their debut album ‘Up The Bracket’, his new memoir and who would play who in a movie of the band.

The group are set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal debut album ‘Up The Bracket’ this year, releasing a ‘Super Deluxe Edition’ of the record in October as well as playing the album in full next month at Wembley Arena with support from The Cribs and The Paddingtons as part of their UK summer tour.

The Libertines live at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Phoebe Fox for NME
The Libertines live at Glastonbury 2022. Credit: Phoebe Fox for NME

Meanwhile, Doherty’s latest acclaimed album ‘The Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime’ with Frédéric Lo is out now.

Check back at NME here for the latest news, reviews, interviews, photos and more from Glastonbury 2022.

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