A recent Returnal patch has been pulled after players discovered a game-save destroying error.

Within two hours of releasing the patch, developers Housemarque pulled patch 1.3.3 and reverted the game back to 1.3.1. In a post on Twitter, Housemarque gave its “sincerest apologies”, advising that people who’d been affected by the 1.3.3 error would need to re-download the game.

Housemarque advised players that they would know if they were affected by the issue if they got an error popup labelled “CE-100028-1”.

The developer has since released a follow-up patch, 1.3.4, which fixes the issues that the 1.3.3 patch was intended to fix, without a chance of corrupting save-files.

Players who downloaded the 1.3.3 patch are still advised to re-install the game completely and install patch 1.3.4 on the fresh download.

Recently, players of Returnal called for Housemarque to add save options to the game due to the length of runs combined with the difficulty of the game, and the possibility of losing progress by pausing a run using the PS5’s rest-mode, which players found was failing to work properly with the game.

In NME‘s five-star review of Returnal, Tom Regan spoke highly of the game, closing his review by saying: “Sony and Housemarque have indeed pulled it off – they’ve made the PS5 feel essential again. It’s everything you could have hoped for from a next-gen exclusive. Fair warning, though: it may consume your life.”

In other gaming news, Bungie has announced that the next season of Destiny 2, titled Season Of The Splicer, will arrive next Tuesday (May 11).

The new Season will see players battle the Vex in new activities named Override and Expunge in order to get their hands on over 30 new legendary weapons.

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