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Rick and Morty appeared to pay a subtle tribute to The Simpsons in its latest episode, alongside nods to South Park and Futurama.

The animated series has been known for dropping Easter eggs throughout its run, and last night’s (May 17) episode ‘The Vat of Acid Episode’ saw a brief nod to Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons.

The events of the episode see Rick invent a remote that creates ‘save points’ in time after a dare from Morty, the latter using it at one point to help an elderly man.

However, the background of the scene appears to show the exterior to Moe’s, notably the diamond-pattern stained-glass windows and maroon door (via Reddit).

The Simpson’s homage in S04E08 – The Vat of Acid from rickandmorty

In another scene, meanwhile, one of the survivors of a plane crash wears a blue and red beanie, the same design as the one worn by Stan Marsh in South Park.

Stan Marsh’s Hat Reference from rickandmorty

Additionally, there’s a meta joke by Rick as he declares that the episode’s premise has already been done by Futurama.

The Simpsons itself has paid tribute to Rick and Morty in the past, dropping a nod to McDonald’s infamous Szechuan sauce back in 2017 — which became a huge talking point among fans when it was referenced in season three of the Adult Swim show.

With Rick and Morty approaching the end of its fourth season, its stars have opened-up about the series’ future beyond the upcoming fifth season.

Chris Parnell and Spencer Grammer admitted all those involved were keen to continue, as long as the network ordered more episodes.

“As long as they’ll have me, I’ll be a part of the show,” Parnell said. “I’m never going to leave on my own account. Only if they decide they don’t need me anymore. I love doing it, and I love watching it. I just feel lucky to be a part of it, honestly.”

Grammer added that the show could see more “unique…one-off” episodes in the future, adding: “There’s always been ideas that circulate, or things they didn’t have, maybe, time to put into other shows, because you have such a short amount of minutes to get a story across.”

‘Rick and Morty’ airs every Thursday at 10pm BST on E4 – stream the series online on All4

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