Arcane Credit: Netflix / Riot Games

Silco, the main antagonist from the TV show based on League Of Legends, Arcane, will be added to the roster in Teamfight Tactics a mobile strategy spin-off of the main game. However, a Riot Games employee has announced there is “no current plans” to include the villain in the popular MOBA.

On a Reddit post following the Teamfight Tactics announcement, League Of Legends fans questioned whether the popular antagonist would also be added as one of the champions to the game. However, in the comments, a verified Riot employee quickly explained the company’s position.

Under the post they said:

“This basically nails the reason why we have no current plans to bring Silco to League of Legends. His silhouette for one, would not even be close to passing our unique silhouette bar, which is very important for gameplay clarity in LoL MOBA (We believe you should be able to quickly recognize who a champion is regardless of which skin they are using by seeing their silhouette).”

arcane netflix league of legends
Arcane. Credit: Netflix / Riot Games

“He also doesn’t have a clear source of power that would translate into a good League kit. We could attempt to solve both of those problems, but in doing so he would likely be so different from who he was in the show that he wouldn’t be the character everyone fell in love with anymore. Not saying these aren’t problems that could maybe be solved one day, just saying we have no current plans or pursuing Silco in LoL MOBA.”

While the addition of Silco as a new champion is not completely off the table, it seems unlikely at this point. Players who wish to play as the legendary villain will still have the ability to in Teamfight Tactics.

In other news, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have received a huge update that fixes a number of exploits used by speedrunners and shiny hunters.

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