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Sex Education star George Robinson has opened up about playing Isaac, discussing feedback from the disabled community.

The actor, who became quadriplegic himself at the age of 17, discussed playing the wheelchair-using character.

“The feedback I’ve got from within the disability community is that it’s really refreshing to see someone who is so comfortable within themselves and not questioning their existence,” he told the BBC.

Isaac is introduced in the show’s second season, forming a close friendship with Maeve which sets up the potential for more in season three.

Robinson said he “learned a lot” from Isaac “in terms of being comfortable within my own skin and not having to apologise” for himself.

“Often people don’t necessarily know what to say just because they haven’t got that experience. But if they see it on screen that changes. More and more these days we learn about society from TV and media,” he added.

The actor revealed that the role of Isaac was originally written for an amputee, but was then agreed to be re-written according to the disability of the successful auditionee.

“I hope that through Isaac, people see how to treat someone with disability as if they were treating anyone else, regardless of it,” Robinson added.

In a three-star review of the third season of Sex Education, NME said: “There are still wise musings on love and adolescence, but season three fails to build on the show’s foundations.

“Moordale is still the same place fans fell in love with, but these new episodes do little to take that relationship to the next level.”

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