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Christina Halladay of Sheer Mag.

Philadelphia rock band Sheer Mag have returned with ‘Crushed Velvet’, their first song since the release of their 2019 album ‘A Distant Call’.

‘Crushed Velvet’ was released as part of the soundtrack for Hulu’s original film The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, released on January 15. The film’s storyline follows Marcus (played by Keean Johnson), an avid audio fan who records a playlist of sounds before he loses his hearing to brain surgery.

The song comes complete with powerful vocals from frontwoman Tina Halladay, as well as snarled backing lines and punchy rock guitar.

Listen to Sheer Mag’s new track below:

‘A Distant Call’ was given a four-star review by NME, describing the record as a “semi-concept album about strife, struggle and the desire to overcome”.

“It’s no reinvention, but there are subtle tweaks here and there for a polished record that cements their place as a kick-ass rock’n’roll band with longevity. So what’s next, then? A rock opera? A double-album? We’re listening…”

The band went on to perform at Mirrors Festival in London that year. Around the same time, their song ‘Expect the Bayonet’ from their debut album ‘Need To Feel Your Love’, was played at a campaign rally for US Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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