Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has shared an update on new albums from Marmaduke Duke and Tippie Toes.

Back in August 2020, the musician said he said he had four albums lined up with his various musical outfits –Biffy Clyro, Marmaduke Duke, Empire State Bastard and Tippie Toes.

Now, the Scottish musician has told NME exactly what stage the new albums are currently at.

“Well believe it or not, I did just spend two weeks working on Tippie Toes. We do have an album’s worth of material, we just need to edit it,” he said in a recent In Conversation chat.

“I don’t want to be flippant with music and would never put it out because it’s almost ready. Tippie Toes is going to have a purpose and be special.”

As for Marmaduke Duke – the duo comprising Neil and JP Reid of Sucioperro – the musician said: “Marmaduke Duke is already special and will complete that, which John and I are a bit scared of.”

“Once that’s done, it’s over and the Duke is dead. But, I don’t want to distract from this. This has got a bit of momentum for us, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Biffy is also always at the top of my list, that’s who I am. I need to make time for my four wives.”

Neil previously described Tippie Toes as a “mong-ageddon drone project where you can just take some valium and chill out”.

Speaking to NME about new music with Empire State Bastard, Neil explained how he matched the darkness of the other half of his “extreme” metal side project – Biffy live guitarist and former Oceansize member Mike Vennart.

“I’ve put all of my nihilism and misanthropy into this record. The anger needs to be real. When the pandemic happened, there was so much to be angry about over that period,” he explained of their debut record, further news of which is expected to come soon.

Empire State Bastard, 2023. Credit: Press
Empire State Bastard, 2023. Credit: Press

“Even since then, I keep having this optimistic point of view that there’s going to be a right sharp turn of goodness and growth and everyone’s going to see the light. I just needed to unleash something.”

Neil went on: “This isn’t a political band, but there’s so much to be fucking angry about.”

The musician added that he and Vennart had been “so close for so long” but had to to “push each other and take this somewhere that it wasn’t meant to go”.

Back in April, Empire State Bastard shared a new video for the debut single ‘Harvest’ and followed the band’s recent debut headline tour, which featured three dates across the UK and sold out almost instantly.

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