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Archon Angel (Secret Sphere's Aldo Lonobil and ex-Savatage's singer Zak Stevens) just released their debut album "Fallen" and to celebrate we asked Aldo to tell us about the single "Rise". Here is the story:

"Rise" is the second single from our debut album "Fallen." It was the logical progression from the self-titled song, whose release came with a music video shot in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on top of Mount Washington. The whole album tells a pretty inventive story (that my wife came up with and wrote all of the lyrics for) about a man who transgresses from a life of excess to a selfless Archon who is called to save the world.

"Rise" depicts the part of the story where the Archon (a character in ancient Greek Gnosticism) has accepted the calling and is now walking through the war torn streets and drug addled city that he is anxious to save. He finds the city beguiling, and professes that it sucks new people in and there is no escape.

When I was reading the lyrics, I pictured the Archon walking around, and surrounding him were your typical homeless denizens, prostitutes, and drug addicts who were "lured" to that city with dreams, but were left to "molder away." The criminal kingpins built the roads that they run in that city on the "souls and bones," basically the people who are casualties of that lifestyle and who make all of the money for the kingpins.

The chorus of the song talks about night falling, and being energized by the somewhat insurmountable task of changing one's surroundings. It was also written with the protectors of our current society in mind, as we have a few good friends who are police officers and soldiers. We pictured them working an overnight shift, and watching over the activity of the nightlife of a metropolis, while questioning whatever force called them to that job.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below:


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