Spectre spies vs mercs

Upcoming title Spectre takes inspiration from Splinter Cell, and aims to bring back the “glory days” of the series’ Spies vs Mercs multiplayer game mode.

Spectre is a multiplayer shooter where players will be divided into two completely different teams to battle for objectives, with asymmetrical gameplay inspired by the Spies vs Mercs game mode from Splinter Cell.

With a “blend of first and third person action gameplay”, players will “employ stealth tactics as the Spectres, or defend your objectives as the heavily armed Reapers” to win matches. This involves using teamwork to account for your team’s advantages and disadvantages, as the opposing faction will thrive in certain tactics that your own is weaker in.

Speaking to IGN, developers Jordan Crawford and Fred Toms – who formed Symbiosis Games together – share that Spectre aims to recapture “some of that classic, slower-paced, nail-biting experience that stealth games used to offer” as well as “the glory days” of the Splinter Cell franchise.

Development has involved tapping into a wealth of SvM experiences from the community to get the feeling of Spectre just right, and the final game will launch with three maps and two different game modes to play.

While the game is already available to wishlist on Steam, the developers state “with a bit of luck and some hard work” it will ideally launch on the Xbox Series X alongside PC. The game will be entirely multiplayer at launch, though Toms shares the duo would be “absolutely thrilled to offer single-player content” if Spectre is a success.

In other news, publisher 505 Games has admitted that it could have handled the next-gen upgrade of Control better. President Neil Ralley explained that the publisher will handle console upgrades “in a much better way” in the future, starting with a next-gen upgrade for Ghostrunner later in the month.

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