As the race for the White House enters its final frenetic stage, Harry Shearer, one of the creators of the iconic mockumentary film "This is Spinal Tap", has released "He Lies", the latest track from his forthcoming album, "The Many Moods Of Donald Trump". "He Lies" is the twelfth song from the thirteen-track collection that chronicles the predictable unpredictability of Trump's behavior during his time in office. Habit? Compulsion? Or just easier than checking? "He Lies" is a "list song" in the style of the late Leonard Cohen's non-existent brother, Jim, detailing the litany of falsehoods propagated by the president since he stood on Capitol Hill in January 2017 in front of "the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches." The full album of "The Many Moods Of Donald Trump" is due out on October 30. Shearer says of it: "America has never had a President so demanding of our continued attention. I decided to give him too much of mine." "He Lies" is the only song on the album in which Shearer performs as himself. In the other twelve tracks he performs as Trump, having vocally portrayed every U.S. president of his lifetime. With music and lyrics by Shearer, "He Lies" features Shearer on lead vocal with Sharlotte Gibson and CJ Vanston on backing vocals. Toss Panos is on drums and CJ Vanston on keyboards, flamenco guitar and all other instruments. "The Many Moods Of Donald Trump" album track listing is as follows: 01. I Can't Believe I'm Me Song description: "As the medicated president huffs and puffs his way towards the final lap of the race to the White House, in 'I Can't Believe I'm Me', Shearer has the incumbent blasting out a 'brassy, craggy worst-of-Broadway anthem' in praise of his not so private passion… himself. "When Donald Trump first rode down that escalator, all most of us saw was his unabashed delight in himself. The rest came later." 02. I Can't Drive Anymore 03. Son-In-Law Song description: "Shearer Trump performing an old-style New Orleans number in praise his senior advisor, Jared Kushner. Always mentioned as one of Trump's top aides, Jared Kushner has been given a portfolio that ranges from Middle East peace to the pandemic. His success rate speaks for itself." 04. Stormy Daniels Song description: "A lush string filled ode to passion, power and pay-off. What good is hush money when it buys so little hush?" 05. Bill Of Love 06. Executive Time Song description: "A languorous love of leisure ballad in which Shearer as Trump sings wistfully of those long periods of contemplation and nothingness between unnecessary briefings from so-called 'experts.' "When does the President get the time to watch all the TV news? It's a big section of his daily schedule." 07. I Never Knew Him Song description: "An eclectic musical mix in which Trump demonstrates that he might not have 'one of the greatest memories of all time' as he purges his contact book and airbrushes his history of those who may be an impediment to his ratings. "A very famous guy has so many people claiming to be his friends or family. It's always important to clear the air." 08. Very Stable Genius Song description: "A power ballad in which Trump vaunts his own intellectual prowess combined with his calm and balanced disposition. "When a person refers to himself with that phrase once, it's newsworthy. When he does it repeatedly, it's songworthy." 09. Number One Son Song description: "An electric chop suey, listing all Donald Jr.'s qualities and Trump's newfound love for the boy who serves him well. The apple doesn't fall far from the refrigerator." 10. Alabama Song description: "A southern rock tribute to the state that holds a special place in the President's 'heart.' "The trouble with official hurricane forecast maps is that they don't often include Sharpie additions. When it's the state that gave your Presidential campaign its kickoff, a Sharpie warning is the least you can do." 11. COVID-180 Song description: "Alternating stanzas of pumped-up disco and plaintive folk rock to represent the alternating 'up' and 'down' approaches taken to the pandemic by the President. "Emerson once said 'Petty consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.' Trump agrees, though he may not quite understand it." 12. Acquittal Song description: "A 'prog rock revenge anthem', the president basks in the sheer vitriolic joy on offer when its time to settle scores. "When you're impeached, and survive, the natural human impulse is balls-out revenge." 13. He Lies

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