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Splitgate creator Ian ‘CardinalSoldier’ Proulx has shared that he thinks the current version of the portal-wielding shooter is only about 25 per cent done.

In an interview with TechCrunch (and spotted by Techradar), Proulx has discussed his plans for the future of Splitgate, as well as what he wants 1047 Games to become. Talking about the “long term” lifespan of Splitgate, Proulx said, “I look at the game as being 25 per cent done,” adding that “the scope of what we can do is now through the roof”.

While he identifies that Splitgate doesn’t “need to be Fortnite tomorrow”, his long term plans include “building the next Riot Games, the next big games business”.

Last week (September 14), Proulx shared that 1047 Games had raised $100million (£72.288million) in funding and would be spending much of it on expanding the studio. With this funding, which he calls “a ridiculous amount of money”, Proulx told TechCrunch that “there’s so much we couldn’t think about because we were a tiny team with a tiny budget, but now everything is on the table”.

In Proulx’s first public statement regarding the funding, he identified that this funding would allow the team to “hire a lot more developers”, and the next few months will be spent “growing to become the next big AAA studio while staying true to our roots as an indie team that prioritises our community”.

While a full launch of Splitgate may seem far away now that the scope has increased, Proulx says, “it will be a truly historic launch beyond anything we previously could have dreamed of”.

In other news, yesterday (September 18), Deltarune – “the next adventure in the Undertale series” – enjoyed over 100,000 concurrent players after launching on Steam. As it stands right now, the game still has more concurrent players than games like Deathloop, which also launched last week.

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