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Spotify has been hit by technical issues, with users reporting that they cannot listen to songs or that they are skipping mid-track.

The streaming service tweeted this morning (November 27): “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!”

In a follow-up statement, they said: “We’ve made a few tweaks backstage, so everything should be back to normal. Need more help? Let @SpotifyCares know!”

Despite the clarification from Spotify, many users claimed to be experience outages – with songs pausing shortly after the start. Other say that the iOs app is failing to play songs altogether.

Reporting further issues online, one user added: “Hi @SpotifyUK, Spotify Web player is down AGAIN Not working on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.”

Another said: “Downloaded playlists are gone and not downloading again, can’t play songs, it keeps skipping. Congrats you made it way worse.”

“Nothing is working properly at the moment. Music continues to stop and change song every second, what can I do?,” a third added.

According to The Independent, web service tracker DownDetector recorded that the issues began around 9:00am. The  majority of users are said to have experienced issues with music streaming, while another 15 per cent could not log in.

NME has contacted Spotify for more information.

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