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Stranger Things actor Dacre Montgomery has shared a new artistic venture as a poet following his exit from the show.

Montgomery played Billy Hargrove in season two and season three as both a secondary character and main villain.

The actor spoke about the news on an Instagram story. He posted a screenshot of an announcement detailing the sale of an untitled book of poetry to Patty Rice and Andrews McMeel. Montgomery said the book is currently slated for a release late this year.

Two tweets sharing poetry surfaced today (April 1), which look to be potential extracts from the book.

“Like a sorcerer / I wish I could bend time / Make malleable my fate / Open my mind” reads the first one, while the second says, “I brush West / Feel the cool breeze / The ocean salt / And my backyard trees / I feel the hasty call / A rush to tea”.


Montgomery spoke of his poetry in an interview with The New York Times last July, specifically mentioning his poetry podcast DKMH as a “very cathartic experience.”

“I’ve been doing a podcast for over two years. It’s kind of an amalgamation of beat poetry that I’ve been writing for a long time, and I collated into six distinct tracks,” the actor said.

“Eight months ago, I started approaching musicians around the world to help me compose scores that I could narrate my beat poetry to.”

Stranger Things has been confirmed for a fourth season, although the release date could be delayed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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