Arid is a survival game developed by Sad Viscacha Studio and published by the Breda University of Applied Sciences. The game is free on Steam and is developed entirely by students.

A team of student developers from the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands has released the 1.0 version of the desert survival game Arid. The game was originally released in early access on May 26 2021 and is free on steam.

Arid is set in the 1930s and puts players in the shoes of a cargo pilot. After a mysterious engine failure, players find themselves having survived a devastating crash and now have to contend with the harsh environments of the Atacama Desert.

To survive, players will need to scavenge food and water as well as other survival tools. The only threat in the game comes from the landscape. Players will have to contend with “severe dehydration, extreme temperatures, sun exposure and other kinds of natural dangers.”

Alongside the ambient deadliness of the desert are extreme weather events. Extreme temperatures and sandstorms can happen at any time bringing with them detrimental effects to players. While they are unlikely to be lethal on their own, they can punish any unprepared player.

Arid also features a day and night cycle which asks players to choose between resting at night or using the lack of baking sun as an opportunity to explore. Visibility is limited at night, and players will need to use resources such as flaming torches to make the most of nighttime excursions.

The map is filled with refuges players can use as temporary bases. Structures left behind by those who once lived in the desert add mysteries for players to uncover as they battle for survival.

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