A general election becomes a sibling battleground in the eighth episode of Succession’s final season.

Created by Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show), the satirical comedy-drama about the power struggle within the Roy family has been a critical success since its inception in 2018 – picking up 13 Emmys across its lifespan so far.

In the eighth episode of season four titled America Decides, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) scramble to manage the US election news coverage on ATN, resulting in a call which could put the future of the country at risk.

Does Shiv tell Tom she is pregnant in Succession season four?

After a fierce argument in the prior episode, Shiv pulls Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) aside to apologise for her comments – only to meet further hostility from her husband. After Tom says Shiv “sort of” killed her father Logan (Brian Cox), she reveals to him that she’s pregnant with his child.

The revelation, however, is soured when Tom questions whether she’s even telling the truth. “Is that even true? Or is that like a new position or a tactic?” Tom retorts back to a dismayed Shiv. The scene ends with Shiv walking out of the room, hiding her tears.

Succession season 4
Tom in ‘Succession’ season four. CREDIT: HBO

When was it revealed that Shiv was pregnant?

It was revealed in the fourth episode of season four that Shiv was pregnant, as confirmed via a phone call with her doctor, a day after the death of her father Logan.

The Succession finale is scheduled to air on Sunday May 28 on HBO in the US, which will be a feature-length episode at around 90 minutes.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Strong, who plays Kendall, compared shooting the finale to skiing down a double black diamond slope.

“Certainly, there’s an awareness on the periphery that this is it, but in a way there’s no room for that,” Strong said. “You can’t both be saying goodbye to a television show and be doing what you need to do at the same time – or I can’t.

“I will say that the final episode, the culmination of everything, where Jesse really brings everything to its crisis, was like a double black diamond to go down. That’s what you want as an actor, and so that was incredibly fulfilling.”

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