The lemonoise band Biography

The lemonoise

Indie rock band The Lemonoise started out its career under the title Bad Lemons back in 1393.

The song Dream was their debut track since which their sound went from punk to funk and more electronic themes, changed the name to The Lemonoise and

started working on their Farsi album called The Odyssey which will be out soon.

They have also released two tracks off the album.

Vocals/electric guitar : Mostafa Hoseini

Electric guitar/bass guitar/engineering : Sina Karimi

Synthesizer/back vocals : Parsa Asadzadeh

Drums/artwork : Arash Zarifian

kahtmayan band biography


Ancient Iranians called the 26th night of Persian calendar Kahtmayan

. As this night did not exist in the Arabic calendar it did not undergo any change after Arabs invasion of Iran.

As Kahtmayan reflected ancient Iran and was a purely Iranian name, Homayoun Majdzadeh picked it for a Metal band he formed in late 90s.

The main idea behind Kahtmayan was creating music that was based upon eastern melodies and rhythms along with a dark magical atmosphere. Such atmosphere and melodies allowed Homayoun to

reflect on the feelings he had about his hometown.

Homayoun gave Kahtmayan a head start by performing music accompanied by instruments such as “Acoustic guitar”, “Oud”, “Daf” and etc. The initial lineup of the band included: “Homayoon

Majdzadeh” (guitar), “Ardavan Anzabipour” (bass), “Ali Khodadoost” (keyboard), “Khaled Sanadzadeh” (drums). In [YEAR] Kahtmayan began to work on a side project along with its originally targeted

music genre. The project was then developed into an instrumental progressive metal album written and arranged by Homayoon Majdzadeh called “Virtual Existence”. The band members decided to

release the album under the name of Kahtmayan and hence “Virtual Existence” became Kahtmayan’s first album. After composing the album, the band took the album to stage and performed it live in


Final recording of “Virtual Existence” was left incomplete as Khaled and Ali both got separated from the band. With two new members joining the band; “Vanik Vartanian” (drums) “Ali Azhari” (guitar),

Kahtmayan soon had a new line up.

Considering the new band members’ musical preferences and capabilities as well as the rising popularity of thrash metal genre in Iran, Kahtmayan embarked on composing and recording a thrash metal

album called “Exir”. Due to limitations enforced by Iranian authorities the band could not include vocals in Exir and the album had to be released as an instrumental thrash metal album. The last straw

hit when the band was forced to abandon their live performance by the officials in 2005. Despite all the problems and disappointments surrounding the band, Kahtmayan performed Exir album in

studio and released a DVD of this performance.

Soon after releasing the DVD, Vanik, the band drummer, left the band and Iran and Kahtmayan once again was faced was faced with the challenge of pursuing its initial musical genre. The remaining

members of Kahtmayan assembled and began working on the demos, which had been put aside for years and were supposed to be chosen as Kahtmayan’s main music. A number of guest musicians

accompanied Kahtmayan in those years.

In the meantime, a guest keyboardist namely “Orod Anzabipoor” joined the band, and helped to get done the undone recording of the Virtual Existence album in the year 2009. In the early 2009,

Kahtmayan got a chance to work on the almost forgotten project that was initially planned to be Kahtmayan’s musical debut. This was made possible with newcomer drummer “Saeed Piltan” so eager to

put his best foot forward for this and Homayoun shouldering responsibility as the band’ vocalist.

The band’s efforts later developed into the album “Risen from Ashes” which will be recorded in near future. Risen from Ashes will be Kahtmayan’s first album featuring vocals and is centered around a

dark and an aggressive atmosphere adopted from the many old ideas Kahtmayan was initially planning to materialize at its outset. “Risen from Ashes” has truly risen from the ashes of what the band has

been through and reflects the perseverance, hard work and the determination of the band members to survive through all hardships.


Kourosh Yaghmaei biography

Kourosh Yaghmaei

(Persian: کورش یغمایی‎‎) (born 3 December 1946) is an Iranian rock musician who started his career in the 1970s.

He was the first person who played rock music in iran therefor he is label as god father of Persian rock


  • 1974: Gol-e Yakh
  • 1975: Hajm-e Khāli
  • 1977: Sārāb-e To
  • 1979: Sol-e 1 (live)
  • 1980:
    • Sol-e 2 (live)
    • Ārāyesh-e Khorshid
  • 1987: Didār
  • 1994: Sib-e Noghreyi
  • 1996: Māh o Palang
  • 1997: Kābus
  • 2001:Tofang-e Dast-e Noghreh
  • 2011:Terug uit de Brink (Back From the Brink)


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