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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has responded to a fan who missed the surprise release of her new album ‘Folklore’.

The singer released her eighth studio effort last Friday (July 24), saying the coronavirus pandemic had inspired her to “just put it out into the world”.

On July 17, a fan named Delphine shared to her Twitter followers that she would be without her phone for two weeks, and “if Taylor decides to do something big please yell at me in my dm’s and don’t unfollow me for inactivity.”

By the time she switched her phone back on yesterday (July 30), she was inundated with messages adding: “So I see I went viral while I didn’t have my phone. I can’t believe Miss Swift really dropped a whole album anyway I’m gonna listen to it now.”

That tweet then prompted Swift to respond to the fan. “Welcome back from your trip! We are all somber woodland fairies now. Feel free to grab a wicker basket and join us,” the singer replied.

Delphine then responded and gave her verdict on the record. “Wait I forgot to tweet about my conclusion LMAO. But I think for now my Top 3 is ‘Cardigan’, ‘Better’ [‘Betty’] and ‘Invisible String’. There’s not a single skip though and even though it’s probably too early to decide, I think this is definitely Taylor’s best album and also my favourite.”

Upon release last Friday, ‘Folklore’ broke a slew of first-day streaming records. “‘Folklore’ feels fresh, forward-thinking and, most of all, honest. The glossy production she’s lent on for the past half-decade is cast aside for simpler, softer melodies and wistful instrumentation,” NME said in a review of the album.

“It’s the sound of an artist who’s bored of calculated releases and wanted to try something different. Swift disappeared into the metaphorical woods while writing ‘Folklore’, and she’s emerged stronger than ever.”

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